Carolyn Witschonke was born in the small town of Litchfield, Connecticut. She earned her Bachelorís degree in French language and literature from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY and later a Masterís degree in French poetry and drama. Most recently she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC.

Witschonke has always pursued her interest in art studying at local university and art schools as well as independent study. Witschonke lived for several years in Germany. While living there she also traveled in Europe and became fascinated with and influenced by the painting of the European masters particularly Vermeer and Degas. In Germany she also studied intaglio printmaking methods. Upon returning to the United States she began her studies at the Corcoran. Through her education there and many visits to the museums and galleries in the area she became more aware and influenced by the 20th century American masters.

Whether it is in printmaking or painting Witschonke prefers to experiment with different media and techniques. Witschonke refers to the different techniques and processes as vocabulary and chooses the medium and technique that is best suited to visually express her artistic concept. Witschonke usually works in a series whatever the medium.

Witschonke believes in the interconnectedness of all things and looks for ways to express this in her art. She loves nature especially trees and flowers and natural objects that become symbols in her work.

Witschonkeís work is exhibited and collected nationwide.