An example of an intaglio prints      There are many different methods of creating original prints.  I love experimenting to find out what one can do with the different methods. Usually I make intaglio prints, most frequently multi-plate color aquatints and etchings.   An image is etched into a zinc plate, one for each color.  After the desired image is ready, each plate is wiped with ink. The plates are placed on the press and run through separately. When complete the three colors blend to show the original colors as well as newly mixed colors.

An example of a monotype print     Another one of my favorite techniques is monotypes.  A monotype is a one of a kind print that combines printmaking and painting processes.  I use a reductive method where the ink is rolled out onto a Plexiglas plate, areas wiped out and each color run through the press.  The plate is cleaned and then another color prepared.  The process is repeated for each subsequent color until the desired effect is achieved.  A second piece of paper is run through the press with each color creating a unique ghost print.

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Parts of the Whole
Time Honored